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Layers of our history

What is the one thing that is consistently wrong with traditional patio home neighborhoods? Right!...the size of the lots!  Well, you are welcome Wichita, America.  We have perfected the recipe for the ultimate patio home development, and you have an exclusive opportunity to be a part of something that has never been done before.  Cypress Point is dripping with style and offers all of the customization options one can possibly imagine thanks to the uber-talented design team that will dive deep into your world, discover the way you live, develop an optimal floor plan, and fine-tune options that suit you and your needs.  Each and every home will be CUSTOM DESIGNED for our customers.  In addition, we will always have designer homes on display for you to dream and get ideas.  Oh, and did I mention all of our homes will be on generous, or estate-sized lots?  Ok, just checking.  You want style?  We have you smothered.  You want exclusivity?  Well, there are only 37 chances to be a part of history. You want a little room to breathe between you and your neighbor? Sprawl out all you want!  Are you tired of maintaining your own lawn and sprinkler system? Sip on your favorite beverage instead.  Interested in patio homes, but still want a basement and a plethora or storage options?  No sweat...we proudly offer full basements, partial basements, and opportunities to finish under your garage floor thanks to the magical engineering of pre-stressed concrete.  No matter which style of lower level (or slab) you choose, we have engineered our trusses and foundations walls to achieve NO STEPS into your home.  I challenge you to find something that we have not already thought of.  With over 150 combined years of experience amidst our team, we know a thing or two about what we are doing. Rest easy, my friends...and open the door to your new life in Cypress Point!  Clock is ticking on your window of opportunity!  
Tick tock...tick tock...tick tock...



Cypress Point boasts 2 unique areas in which you can call home.  Both are equal in swag, but one area tips the scale a bit more in price and exclusivity.


There is nothing cookie-cutter about our homes, or our design process.  Our in-house idea factory will have you more than covered in the floor plan department.


Need a little nudge to get your creativity flowing?  The link below may induce involuntary drooling, so you may not want to click while at work or in a public place.

Patio Homes...with elbow room.
— Trent Banister
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