All successful neighborhoods start with a solid plan, concrete vision, and creative ideas.  Of course we have all of those items on lock down.  We just happen to have an elite dream team put together to execute that plan, vision, and ideas. Cypress Point is not a band-wagon new home development. Instead, it is a refreshingly thoughtful, authentically generated, purposefully executed neighborhood that will have the rest of the industry playing follow the leader.  



Robl Construction — Since 1977, Robl Construction has had the privilege of serving thousand of families by helping them move into new homes and onto the next chapters in their lives.  They have earned a spot around the kitchen table and become a house-hold name due to their relentless pursuit of excellence.  You do not have to wonder what to expect when you work with such a reputable company.  You will be the recipient of experience, stability, care, and passion.  They deliver a world-class experience that is unmatched.





Mark Eaton — Mark is the owner of Eaton Roofing & Exteriors, and currently serves as chairman of the Wichita Area Builders Association Home Show and has previously served as a board member for the Wichita Area Builders Association. Mark also serves as a board member for the Kansas Roofing Association. A Kansas native, Mark has spent 40 years in the construction industry in Kansas and has strong ties to the Wichita community.


Steve Robl — In 1977, Steve Robl had a dream.  Today, that dream has been played out in thousands of homes throughout the Wichita and surround areas.  Steve has helped shape the landscape of the building industry in Wichita, and his leadership within the Robl organization and other affiliated organizations is evident in the respect he receives from his employees, peers, and customers.


Andy Robl — Andy has spent his whole life exposed to the level of commitment, detail, and hard work it takes to run such an exceptional company as Robl Construction.  As the next generation of leadership within the organization, Andy carries the same level of expectations and excellence, has paid his dues and earned his title, and he is in constant pursuit of moving the company forward when it comes to lifestyle, trends, technology, and above all, the customer experience!


Jeff Wiens — It is as if Jeff were born with a pencil in his hand and a blank canvas in front of him.  The man is a true artist.  His vision exceeds comprehension, and his thoughtful nature transpires to the spaces he creates.  He can extract your needs, create a vision, and articulate a tailor-made design like he had literally been living inside your head.  That, ladies and gentleman, is value beyond measure.




Banister Real Estate LLC — Trent Banister is the founder and owner of Banister Real Estate, LLC.  For 20 years, Trent has been instrumental in selling, designing, and building world-class homes for buyers looking for that "IT" factor.  With a strong sense of the market, accompanied by style, scale, and proportion, Trent relentlessly seeks out details that transform the way people experience their new homes.  He will be right there with you with his boots (or Sperry's) on the ground ensuring that your dreams of a new home and your experience of building is unlike anywhere else in town!

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