A:  Cypress Point is not a band-wagon development.  There is not a single other development that is implementing the same ideas, lot sizes, designs, and overall concept in the Wichita/surrounding areas.


Q: I already have my own plan.  Will you build it?

A:  Cypress Point is the culmination of decades and decades of building and research.  Our team of experts have established architectural guidelines and materials that must be present on every home built within the development.  
We would be happy to review your plans, make suggestions or changes, and build your plan to suit the guidelines and price-points set forth for the neighborhood. 


Q: Can I buy a lot, and then wait to build?  If so, how long before I have to start construction?

A:  In short, yes!  We realize that the window of opportunity in Cypress Point is small, so we have made provisions for you to be able to establish a transition plan from your current residence.  Our team of realtors are well equipped to come up with creative solutions for your transition and guide you through the process of selling your current home and moving into your new home.  Initially, we will undergo a reservation period of 30 days that will enable us to collaborate with you on ideas and overall design scope.  Then, we will transition the reservation of your selected homesite to a purchase contract.  Once your new home site has been secured and closed on, you will be afforded 6 months to commence construction on your new residence in Cypress Point.


Q: What are the special Assessments going to be for Cypress Point?

A: There are 37 homesites within Cypress Point, and each lot has been assessed with special assessments in the amount of $193/month, and will run for a term of 20 years.


Q: What are the homeowners association dues and what do those dues cover?

A:  Like any neighborhood with a Homeowner's Association and dues, a bulk of the dues go to upkeep and maintenance of the common areas.  Each Cypress Point homeowner will pay association dues in the estimated amount $225/month and will be the recipients of the following benefits:

  • Weekly lawn maintenance (seasonal) - Mowing, edging, weed-eating, and removal of debris

  • Weekly trash service - One day for the whole neighborhood. No more looking at unsightly trash containers for multiple

  • Sprinkler system maintenance - Open and close your sprinkler system in spring and fall

  • Snow removal - Snow will be removed from the streets when snow accumulation exceeds 4 inches


Q: What amenities are there in cypress point?

A:  We realize that our owners are all about freedom and choices, and they are grounded in their expectations regarding amenities.  We have delicately navigated the waters during our research, and have covered the essentials:

  • Walking paths - Go on an evening stroll or morning jog while being adorned with groomed, plush landscaping - bursting with year-round color.

  • Common areas - Do you have children, grandchildren, or 4-legged children/grandchildren? Our common areas provide the perfect setting for roaming about and making life-long memories.

  • Lakes/Ponds - Gently nestled throughout the neighborhood rests 3 water features that provide scenery and wildlife.